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“TEE” T7P2m

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Applicable Documents:

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Tip until 100cm marker
- submersible
Handle and cable part
- not submersible, wiping only
Connector (and white flex relief )
- not submersible, wiping only

Validated Methods


Revital-Ox Resert XL HDL

Material Compatible Methods

Mild pH neutral detergent

Mild pH neutral detergent wipe

Mild pH neutral detergent wipe

Aniosyme DD1

Clinell Sporicidal wipes

Tristel Trio Wipes System

Cidex ADS, OPA and Nu-Cidex

Ethanol (EtOH) 70% wipes

Ethanol 70% wipes

Cidezyme / Enzol

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) 70% wipes

IPA 70% wipes


Mikrozid® PAA wipes

Gigasept AF, Gigasept FF (Neu) and Gigasept PAA concentrate

Sani-Cloth AF3 wipes

Korsolex extra

Tristel Trio Wipes System

Metricide, Metricide 28, Metricide OPA Plus and Metricide Plus 30


Neodisher MediClean forte/ Neodisher Septo 3000


Prolystica 2x conc.

Revital-Ox Resert XL HDL

Sekusept Aktiv

Steranios 2%, 2% N.G., 2% E.C.S

TD100 & TD5

Tristel Trio Wipe System

Wavicide 01

Warning: Extra care must be taken when cleaning this transducer, as there is no automatic cleaning system that can reprocess the entire transducer.

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