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                                  • BK betway coupons manages a collection of social media channels and it is our goal to foster communities that allow us to engage in open dialogue, educate and support one another. We will do our best to provide transparent and open communication, listen to feedback and answer any questions you may have about our products and/or services.

                                    1. By posting to or making comments to one of our social media communities, you agree to abide by these Community Guidelines. To maintain a respectful environment, uphold the intent of our various communities, and to meet strict industry regulations, we request that all community members adhere to the following Community Guidelines:

                                              Stay On-Topic and Be Respectful of Others

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                                                    BK betway coupons wants to maintain a respectful environment for all of those who participate in our various online communities. To achieve this, we reserve the right to remove any comments that are discriminatory, obscene, profane, abusive, or otherwise offensive to members of the community. Social media may never be used to harass another person.

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                                                            Legal and Regulatory Issues

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                                                                We will remove any comments that discuss the following:

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                                                                      • The discussion of the Indication For Use of a currently marketed product for which indicates an “Indication” or “Contraindication” for which the product has not been approved for, (otherwise known as “Off-Label-Use”).
                                                                      • Anything referring to patient information or employee information, including but not limited to comments containing personally identifiable information, such as a phone number, address, email, date-of-birth, or social security number.
                                                                      • betway deposit discussed in a manner which indicates they are available for sale in an unapproved market
                                                                      • Competitor products
                                                                      • Links to third-party websites
                                                                      • Spam
                                                                      • Self-promotion and/or advertising

                                                                      Comments Seeking or Containing betway coupons Advice

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                                                                        Please keep in mind that while we welcome everyone to our communities, our content is targeted at those in medical professions. BK betway coupons does not practice medicine or provide medical advice, and our content should not be interpreted as such. Do not make comments that could be interpreted as giving medical or professional advice to a third party.

                                                                        • Comments About Customer Service Issues

                                                                          We understand that occasionally the end user may experience issues with BK betway coupons products and we want to resolve such issues as quickly as possible. To resolve product issues most efficiently, the end user shall be directed to consult the instructions for use provided with the product and contact their local Customer Support team.

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